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Hey guys, Rob here with https://robwebjoy.com/, Arizona's premier internet marketing service. There's one thing I wonder when I look around at different businesses. I wonder how many of these businesses would refuse more business.

As an internet marketing consultant I can’t help but believe the honest truth is, every business wants more business but they may not possess the skills or knowledge to create or plan an online marketing campaign, let alone build a website.

So the question that must be asked here is, are you doing everything you can to increase exposure and obtain more business in 2018?.

If you are not marketing online then the answer is a resounding and emphatic no! The days of not having a functional website for your business are over!

Not marketing online today would be the equivalent of not having your business listed in the phone book many years ago. Word of mouth and passers by are great advertising but an ideal source of customers today comes from your business’ website being listed in Google and other search engines where potential customers are searching for your specific product or service.

You cannot seriously tell me that you already have too many customers or have no need for a website. Every credible business has a need for a website, especially if your competitors are already enjoying the benefits from their website and you are not!

The brutally honest truth is if you are not marketing online in 2018 then you and your business are not generating your full revenue potential!

A website is a great investment because it gives you the ability to generate leads and potentially convert prospects into customers even while you sleep, are on holiday or vacation, or spending quality time with your family.

I personally can't think of any business that would not benefit from an online presence or potentially benefit from updating their website to insure that mobile phone users have access to their website by updating to a responsive website design.

Internet marketing is truly a big puzzle and what I really mean by that is there are a lot of pieces or aspects involved. It's not just about putting a website online, it's also about implementing the proper analytics, building an audience, analyzing user behavior and refining your website for maximum conversions.

A website is much more than a business asset! A website represents a digital validation of your business entity and the fact that you are a credible business both online and off.

There is a danger is hiring the wrong internet marketing company. If you are unfortunate enough to pick one that is reckless or misinformed then you may end up costing yourself your current organic search engine position or worse, be removed from the search indexes entirely as a penalty for the tactics used by your search engine optimization agency.

If you're new to websites or being online then understand that laying a good foundation and doing things correctly from the beginning will be a big contributor to your success!

We will help you and your business get off to a great start. You can reach me by either using the contact form here https://robwebjoy.com/contact-us/ or giving me a call at 623-866-9246.

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